For meg er det viktig å kunne berøre mennesker rett i hjertet gjennom sang, tekst, teater og musikk. Jeg liker å synge innenfor flere musikalske stilarter og har både viser, musikalsanger, cabaretlåter og klassiske romanser/operaarier på repertoaret. I løpet av de siste årene har jeg produsert og medvirket i egne produksjoner, opptrådt for ulike firma, deltatt på Operafestukene i Kristiansund, sunget for Den kulturelle spaserstokken, samt i begravelser og bryllup.

Jeg kan engasjeres for oppdrag i både inn- og utland og tar gjerne på meg oppdrag som solist i forbindelse med bryllup, begravelser, firmaeventer eller i andre sammenhenger der underholdning verdsettes høyt. Nøl ikke med å ta kontakt for en hyggelig og uforpliktende samtale.


As a singer Mai-Britt combines great technical ability with rare warmth and intensity.
 With my hand on my heart I can say that I have never heard ”Solveig’s sang” performed with such beauty.
 To work with Mai- Britt has been a pleasure.
Her singing has inspired me in my work.
— Elisabeth Matheson Solberg
, director for “Fossekall”
She has a rare and rich voice, and she communicates with her audience with great empathy and warmth. Few performing artists manage to include and take care of their audience in such a special way. This is a very rare quality for classical singers, but Wagnild has shown me that she has such qualities.
— Kåre Bjørkøy, professor in classical singing
Her whole personality does something to me every time she performs.
She casts a spell on her audience and she manages to do this in any music
style she sings in from the well known nursery rhymes to the well known
classics – it goes strait to the heart.
She is also a hard working, serious and focused artist that is so lovely
and easy to work with.
I wish that the whole world could get the chance to share these experiences with me.
— Marit Dahlø, Selbu Teaterforum
Dear Mai-Britt,
Congratulations on a beautiful concert today at Llandaff Cathedral.
You have a very exciting voice and I enjoyed every note.
Congratulations also to your pianist friend whose playing I found most impressive.
I had hoped to have been at your concert in the WMC but was unavoidable prevented from coming, I expect it was as well received as at the
Cathedral today.
Let me know when you are performing in the future.
— Phillip White, Porthcawl
Dear Ms. Wagnild,

Having just returned toDenver, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your singing at the concert on the island of Steinvikholmen. It was a memorable evening. Good luck in whatever you are doing.
— Mike Stenhouse
Her vibrant personality comes
alive when she is performing, and she lives the music such that the songs
come over in a very meaningful way – the music lives! Mai-Britt has such
a vivacious personality when she is on stage and her true down-to-earth
friendly disposition is apparent to everyone. A singer who has not
forgotten the common touch and who gives her audiences a truly uplifting experience on every occasion.
— Tony and Carol Olavssen